Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So, I know it’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged, which I’d like to apologize…. 

All of you that know me on a personal level are aware this year has been a year of many changes and endings.  Some, quite frankly, knocking the wind out of me.    The experiences of the last year and a half hasn’t left me feeling very creative, hence the neglect in my writings.  With 2012 soon coming to a close, I am happy to say I feel the stirring of my inspiration FINALLY awakening.   With that, let’s touch base on a rather popular topic for this year.

I’m sure that everyone has heard mention of the date 12/21/12.  With all of the hype and different beliefs as to what this date will bring, at the very least, it probably has you raising an eyebrow with skeptic anticipation.  

I remember the first time I heard of the approaching date, about 8 years ago.  I recall thinking to myself, “oh here we go again”.    So many times in the past we’ve heard the gobbledygook (yes, I said…gobbledygook) of false predictions of THE END OF THE WORLD.   Let’s review some of the more recent failed prophecies, shall we?  

 In the 70’s Jean Dixon, famous for her prediction of the assignation of John F. Kennedy, predicted that the world would see it’s demise in the mid-1980’s, due to Comet’s crashing to the earth.   The only thing that I recall that remotely looked like the end of the planet was the bad mall hair, horrible electronic music and terrible fashion sense.   Unfortunately, being a teenager in the 80’s I was smack dab in the middle of sporting 2 ft. high bangs and an arm full of O’-Rings.   I would normally never admit that however I’m certain there is a conspiracy of blackmail complete with pictures, floating about somewhere on Facebook.  

Next came the craze of Y2K Millennium.  Now, I will admit that out of all of the predictions that I’ve read and learned about, this was probably the one that may have had the most detrimental impact on me personally.  The mere thought of my computer crashing and being left with no internet would make me feel that my life as I knew it was ending, right?!   Forget hording food and supplies, I would have wanted to just find a corner and shrivel up and die.  

 The most recent prediction was last year from the Caravanning Christian Talk Show Host, Harold Camping.  He was so bold to actually try forecasting down to the very minute the Rapture would come. Thus eliminating 98% of the planets population.  I don’t know about you but I was praying that if the rapture did occur to please take me so I wasn’t one of the 2% left behind having to listen to his radio broadcast.   What was most amusing was when his first prediction didn’t materialize; he simply decided to call a Mulligan a few months later.  Opsey! … bad, can I get a do-over?

Now we find ourselves on the brink of the famous Mayan Doomsday Prophecy.  The ancient Mayans have been proven to be very skilled in accurately predicting astronomical events based on their calendar.  However, like the Bible, all is left open for interpretation.   Researching the different interpretations you will find many different opinions as to what “may” occur.  A polar planetary shift, a transfer of the Earth’s magnetic poles, a series of solar flares, just to name a few.   But again, these are all just other people’s interpretations of what the Ancient Mayans were reporting.   

I myself believe the only destruction our Earth will ever experience is due to the behavior of Mankind.  Deforestation, continued destruction of wild and marine life, human pollution on the air and oceans are just a few ways that we humans take Mother Earth for granted.    This planet at one time was a perfectly balanced eco-structure which is slowly being destroyed for the sake of selfish humanly gains.   Ego is what is going to be the result of “End of Time”, not a comet or asteroid that creates a Zombie Apocalypse.  

So to those of you that opted out of buying Christmas Presents this year because the prophetic ending hits before December 25th,  you still have time.    You don’t want to find yourself in an awkward moment when you walk into Mommy In-Laws house empty handed, now do you?  And last but not least to my 12 year old son, Noah…sorry baby-cakes, I know you were really pulling for them Zombies.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~ Care In Prayer ~

"Don't be discouraged when you find that what you pray for turns out to only further complicate your situation. You can not always know what is best for your own growth. Instead of praying for your situation to change a certain way, pray instead for the wisdom to notice how you are being led to your highest good and the good for all involved. You may not see it all now, but eventually the "why" will be revealed." ~K.Keel